Sustainable Design Events Touring

October 9th, 2015

In June this year we participated in the ATA Speed Date a Sustainable Designer Event in Brisbane

The event was an opportunity for those with an interest in sustainable design to find out more, by booking in for a consultation with one of a number of architects and designers present.  Each consultation might last 20 minutes of half an hour and can be as general or detailed as you want.

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It is a no obligation, no cost event.  We met a range of people from

  • those with little knowledge of sustainable design but an interest in finding out more, to
  • those with a passion for it, and designing their own homes (but looking for re-assurance of their ideas.) And of course
  • a range of people from ”the middle”, including those working through the possibility of building or renovating and just wanting a few pointers on how to design more sustainably.

The event tours the country over time, using local designers in each region.  You need to book beforehand, so keep an eye out for the next event if it makes its way to a major centre near you.