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Bayside Home Design, Brisbane - Under Construction 2022/23

A new home we have designed in the Bayside suburbs of Brisbane.  Under Construction 2022-23.
The home is based on a pavilion style, to embrace a lifestyle in the house, on the site – and beyond.  A main living pavilion features a family loft space looking through high raked ceilings, toward fireplace and bushland views.  Parents pavilion allows private relaxation, and working from home.  Kids pavilion allows noise and play or quiet study without limiting life in the home.
Externally, Zincalume roofing wraps to walls. The gable forms accentuate the pavilions, across the site. This lets each room breath, promoting cross ventilation.  It also catches northern winter sun to warm spaces.
The roof pitch allows solar at ideal orientation without being a visual focus, and is setup for home battery and electric car charging.
Brick blades run internally through the home, to anchor the temperature as thermal mass through each room.  These extend as a visual feature externally.  Internally thermal mass floors further help anchor cooler winters and warmer summer days – reducing the need for (and cost of) running the air conditioning.
Double glazed windows cut heat from the setting western sun, while still enjoying the bushland views.
Stepped brick paved terraces link down to the pool, spilling into the gardens – can’t say we feel much like a dip right at the moment… but summer is only a few short months away
Render based on ptma design and modelling – with Response Image