How to select an architect?


Architects Code of Conduct:

Architects in Australia are governed by a Code of Conduct.  This forms part of your agreement with your architect.

You can see the Code of Conduct here, for:

Queensland Code of Conduct

New South Wales Code of Conduct

This Website


The photography on this website is primarily taken by Fotomedia, based in Burleigh Heads and Brisbane

Others (where credited for the Slow Architecture house) are by Alex Hunt Photography (photography and graphic design services)

Some limited photographs were taken by us.

(The difference highlights the benefits of a photographer.)

Sustainability – in Design and Life

Sustainable Design (General Guide)

Of course, engage an architect – give us a call!

But if you aren’t ready for that step, for general background try Your Home (a general guide to passive design published by the Australian Government.)

Solar angles:

There are different resources to help calculate sun angles for orientation of buildings and designs of roof and shades.  They can be helpful to varying degrees in understanding the broad principles.  But remember that the needs change depending on the site location, topography and design.

For SEQ:

  1. sun angle diagram
  2. a simplified shading diagram on a north facing wall. (from the referenced website)

How do We Recycle or Help others to?

This section is to be expanded, but as examples:

We all waste too much food.  Compost it at home.  If you run a business, it can go somewhere:

How many old mobile phones do you have sitting in a drawer?  How many have you put in the bin, unsure where to send them?  Find out where to put them –

Yes yes, but what goes in our yellow lid recycling bin we hear you ask?

Well… on the Gold Coast

Or in Brisbane try here or download this guide

But More Importantly… Life.

If you are struggling with life, or are close to someone who is:

There is help available, including at

Reach out to someone near to you. Be kind to each other.  This is relevant to someone you know.

If you can afford to support those who do need help, but are unsure where to start,

Support a charity including:

a charity page established in memory of one of our own family who passed away from suicide


or this one for a client who also died, from suicide.