Peter McArdle, Architect

Private Practice 2002 – present

Prior to their Gold Coast architectural partnership, ptma Architecture: Peter’s private practice operated as Peter McArdle, Architect.

Since 2002, Peter’s experience includes a range of projects on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane:

Sustainable Design Practices

Peter’s enduring focus through his career has been various aspects surrounding sustainable design.

This includes how to apply sustainable practices to projects without them needing to ‘feel’ a particular way, or achieve a particular ”look”.  Underlying this is a philosophy which forms an approach to, and a direction for, every project: rather than defining a prescriptive destination.

In 1997 Peter completed his thesis on Sustainable Technologies in Architecture, such as solar PV’s, solar hot water, and on site sewerage (composting toilets).  At that time the thesis was investigating the reasons for their lack of use in a country and climate which was ideally suited to their adoption, and was often at the leading edge of their invention.

Though a popular topic now, and much more mainstream, this was not always the case!  At that time, there was only 1 grid connected solar PV house… times have changed.

The thesis was a rollicking read, we can’t believe it wasn’t a best seller.  Contact us if you would like to peruse a dusty old copy.

Architectural Office Experience Between 1994 and 2002,

Peter gained valuable experience in different project roles, including working as Project Architect and preparing detailed documentation packages for other Brisbane based Architecture companies.

This included 6 years at Ceccato Hall and Associates, Architects.

In his time here Peter engaged with clients from concept design through to end of construction on a range of primarily residential projects.  This includes home designs, townhouses and apartment design.

Multi-Residential front | PTMA Architecture

Townhouses wrapping around a retained character Queenslander Dwelling. Services provided included detailed design and Contract Administration with Ceccato Hall and Associates, Architects.

Multi residential deck | PTMA Architecture

Detailed design and documenation including varied balustrade and other features through the project.

He also assisted with documentation services on larger scale commercial and industrial projects.

Prior offices

Experience in prior offices included;

  • James McPherson Architects on a range or retail fit-outs, and assistance for centre management of shopping centres primarily around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. and
  • Meredith Hall and Associates in documentation and assisting the Partners in the delivery of their projects.  This included a range of commercial and industrial buildings, numerous shop and retail fitouts, and residential home designs.

Some of the relationships with clients established in those earlier offices have endured as friends, through to today.

University – 1991 – 1997

Peter attended Queensland University of Technology (QUT) from 1991-1997 obtaining a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of the Built Environment.  That seems so, so long ago now…

Following university, Peter McArdle registered as an architect in Queensland in 2001 (registration no 3401).  He also registered in NSW for projects there.