Partners Peter McArdle and Teresa Wuersching are leading Gold Coast architects that havebetween them over 30 years of experience in the business of architecture. This includes both in their own practice and as Project Architects in respected Brisbane offices. ptma architecture is their collaboration and is focused on delivering high quality designs for residential projects, mixed use and small scale commercial projects. For residential, we are experienced in a variety of design styles from eco houses, Queenslanders, granny flats to beach houses, townhouses, country style homes and renovations. Whatever sort of home design you are looking for, we can work with you to achieve your dream home.

We can assist clients through all stages of a project from project inception, through design, documentation and the delivery stages on site. As we are Gold Coast architects, projects are typically centred around the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Tweed areas. Ho
wever, previous clients are from Gladstone in Central Queensland through to Sydney and Melbourne.

Peter and Teresa’s primary focus remains: providing a personal service catering to their clients’ needs. The process taken can therefore be varied to suit each project. The process typically includes listening to the client’s initial needs and then challenging this brief and expanding on it collaboratively with the client. It is through the process of testing a brief that both client and architect develop a more thorough understanding of the needs of the project.

The initial design process typically looks at how the project addresses its place and time and explores use of materials. These explorations can result in some happy ‘accidental’ architecture along the way. This can enrich the experience clients later enjoy through their projects. The process is designed to add value to the project for the client while delivering the project as part of a team, on time and inside the budget.

If you’d like to discuss how ptma architecture can help with your building design project, give us a call on +61 7 5641 0415.

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