Sustainable House Day 2011 - Ecovillage Home Design, Currumbin Valley on the Gold Coast

February 25th, 2015

We assisted our clients with this Ecovillage house design, in Currumbin Valley, on the Gold Coast.

They graciously allowed us to open their home in 2011, for Sustainable House Day.  For more information on this home, see here.


Sustainable House Day is a national initiative to help promote the benefits of sustainable design to a wider audience.  Perhaps to people who are interested in the idea without knowing what it might mean for them, or those a little cynical about the idea and wanting to see for themselves.

For those serious about starting some works to build or renovate it can also help to put them in touch with people in the industry or products which might be of interest in their project.  Or for those interested in what an Ecovillage house design might look like.

For more information on Sustainable House day, see their website here